Tuesday, July 6, 2004

'73 Custom Arrives at the Beach

In the Summer of 2004 we came home with our then 30 year old 1973 Nova. It was purchased in Orange CA for $5000. The car was in good shape with a very strong 4 bolt main 350ci motor. The solid lifters and tall cam combined with the exhaust that exited in front of the rear axle made it sound as good as it looked. The previous owner had turned the Nova into a mild hot rod. The motor was paired with a black velour interior and Craigar Drag Star wheels and TA Radials. The exterior was the perfect shade of Red.

The Nova was then given to our then 16 year old son to drive to high school. (We're really good parents right?)

The 1973 Nova Custom arrives in time for the 16th birthday.
Proud father and son pose with the new hot rod.
Brother and Sister (with sister wondering why does he get such a cool car?
I got nothing for my 16th birthday!)

Family photo at the beach circa 2004. Dad's motorcycle, Mom's Chevelle
and Son's Nova. (Sister still wondering where's my cool ride?)