Thursday, November 28, 2013

No Mexican Stripes!

I ordered the paint from Summit I got a gallon of 2-Stage Flame Red Urethane and two Gallons of Reducer along with a quart of hardener. It was all low VOC (required in CA) and was about $250. In addition I decided I wanted to do the SS black rear panel treatment and have a set of Chevelle/Camaro SS stripes painted in flat black. I ordered a Hot Rod Flatz paint kit from TCP Global, paint, reducer and hardener for $60. The paint and details on the stripes were delivered and we waited anxiously to see the Nova.

Luis called and asked if I wanted the red clear coated as it was basically flat red. Well yes... so Rueben got a gallon of clear for an extra $200 and clear-coated the car.

When we went to pick it up it wasn't quite ready and the stripes were "interesting". I'd given Reuben a very detailed diagram of the Chevelle style stripes I wanted. Including the 1/4 border and the widths and distance from the edge of the hood with measurements etc.

This is what I wanted... the Chevelle stripe in the Camaro width:

This is what they painted:

I asked them to repaint the hood and trunk. We decided that no stripes are better than bad stripes. So back to the paint shop and a few weeks later the week after Thanksgiving I picked up the Nova.
When I went to pick it up there was an extra $200 charge for more Red Paint, or more Clear, or because I made them repaint the stripes, or for something. But in any event it was time for me to pick up the car. I think Reuben and Luis were over it.

Monday Morning Quarterback
The $1200 bodywork and paint cost $1900. Here's the breakdown:
  • $1200 Esitimate
  • $300 Paint, Reducer and Hardener (Jegs)
  • $200 Clear
  • $200 Extra Red? 
Before I took the car to LA I removed the all the trim but left on the bumpers, tail lights and headlights for my 2 hour drive to LA. In hindsight, I should have removed the bumpers and put some junk yard wheels and tires on car. And since I was going to work on the dash I should have gutted the interior.
For the money, they did a lot of bodywork, the rust is gone and the Nova looks way better now.