Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rumpty Rump, Pssssst. The end of an Era.

Then the worst thing that could happen to an old hot rod happened one day, the motor blew a head gasket. After being told it would be at least $2000 to sort it out. We decided it might be time to just sell the Nova. At 23, my son was at an age where having a "regular" car would make more sense. Given the fact the Nova had no heater or defroster and the floors were wet half the time it wasn't the most practical vehicle for every day driving.

With the motor and rust issues it was decided it was time to pass the project to another owner. We posted an ad in the OC Craiglist asking $2500 with these pix which created a flurry of phone calls.

After explaining to folks on the phone about the rust and blown head gasket. The best offer we got was a low-ball $1000. The 17" rims and tires were $900 a year earlier... are you kidding me? We were keeping the Nova.