Sunday, September 15, 2013

Backyard Body and Paint in LA

Jim mentioned to me he knew a guy in LA who did really great body work as a side job and that I might want to have him give me a price on fixing the cancer. So we took the Nova up to LA and he gave me a quote. I asked him to cut out all the rust and weld in new patch panels, to remove both windows and weld in new channels and to weld in a new tail light panel that I would supply. He quoted me an incredible $1200 and he told me if I supplied the paint he would paint it as well!

Over the summer I saved up my money and we took the Nova up to him in September he said he'd need a couple weeks and we would be ready to go.

Along with the car I brought the rear panel from Classic Industries (136.99) and nice rust free 73 nova drivers door I bought on Craig's List for $100.

 Reuben working in his OSHA approved Flip Flops. The new door was rust-free but it was ding city.

 Tail Light Panel cut out. Not much left to weld it to so they replace the edge of the trunk as well.

 Crunchy rear window panel. This all got cut out and new metal welded in.

 Front window water slots. No surprise, my Chevelle had the same rot.

Two weeks later we went to take a look and while I was pleased with what they were doing I knew this was going to take some time. Finally after a lot of work a few weeks later the Nova was in primer and ready for paint.

Reuben did a great job on the body! (This is probably where we should have stopped and I should have taken the car to a painter for finishing.)